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Welcome to our site, we are Steven Pete and Paul Waters, two friends separated by the Atlantic Ocean but brought together by a shared medical condition and common goal.

We have dedicated this site to a rare condition known as “Congenital Analgesia” or “Congenital Insensitivity to Pain” (CIP) as it  is sometimes referred to.

We are here to dispel the common misbeliefs about the condition by different people and also explain that there are variations of the condition that affect people in various ways.

We have been friends since the ages of 4 and 8 and are now 25 and 29. In 1987 the Pete family of Castle Rock, WA (USA) discovered an article in Parade Magazine featuring the Waters family of Erith, Kent (UK) which detailed the difficulties their family experienced in raising three children with this condition. The sharing of experiences chronicled through hand-written letters between our families created a comforting bond. A bond that granted them peace in knowing neither one of them were alone in raising children who possessed such a rare and potentially life-threatening condition.

Our families finally met in-person for the first time in 1988 when the Waters family traveled to the United States, during which time they became good friends who have remained in contact to this day. 

We are not medical professionals. We do not perform diagnoses on individuals who believe they, or a family member, may have this or any similar conditions. It is important to seek the guidance of a medical professional to perform such a diagnoses. With that being said, we are here to assist in guiding you towards the right direction. We hope that by sharing our experiences of growing up and living with this condition that it may bring peace of mind to the parents and families of children who have been diagnosed. Once a diagnoses has been made there are multiple preventative measures that can be taken to safeguard a child from further injuring themselves during the course of their childhood.

Unfortunately, to this day, information available to the public is either overtly clinical (not at all outlined in layman terms) or does not show distinctions of individual diagnoses.
Many of us, including ourselves, will on occasion encounter a physician who has never heard of our condition. So we plan to prevent this by reaching out to the general public as well as the medical community.

For now our site is solely information based. In the near-future we plan to launch a more interactive and informative site. It will be a private social-network allowing individuals with our condition to share their experiences in a way that’s only viewable to registered members. It will also allow registered members the option of posting their experiences to be shared with the general public (as is ours). That is just one of many new developments in the making that we have in store for those visiting. 


this IS A WEBSITE DEDICATED TO THE “FACTS” OF A CONDITION KNOWN AS congenital “ANALGESIA” or “insensitivity to pain”

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